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Puppy Head Start Program

What does our Puppy Head Start Program include:

Puppy Head Start promotes the early learning of critical foundation skills for young puppies. This program supports the comprehensive development of puppies from 10 to 16 weeks of age. Getting a puppy on the right track at a young age before formal training can be the difference between a good dog and a great dog. This program is set up to give your puppy the chance to excel before it is old enough for formalized training. Our program turns your young retriever into an efficient and enthusiastic worker. Our program uses a step by step teaching schedule that correlates to a dog's mental and physical development. 

Some of the things we work on include- creating an elimination schedule to facilitate house training, teaching crate training/confinement skills, helping puppies learn impulse control, proper socialization with other dogs/puppies/people/kids and novel objects/surfaces/places and sounds, early identification of problem behaviors or areas each individual may struggle down the road, teaching your puppy to accept normal body handling and restraint that they will experience during grooming (brushing, bathing, nail trimming, ear cleaning) and for veterinary care, 

Extensive professional socialization builds confidence and social skills in the impressionable period for pups creating stable, balanced adults. This is the best time to start molding your puppy into a great retriever. This program gives puppies the fundamentals snd confidence that they will carry throughout their lives. 

  • Crate training

    • Wait patiently while the crate door is opened

    • “Kennel up!” on cue

  • Name recognition

  • Potty training assistance (we will reward all outdoor potties and provide a regular schedule)

  • Socialization

    • Puppy playtime to learn about other dogs

    • Positive exposures to new surfaces

    • Confidence-building and body awareness through navigating obstacles

    • Desensitization to common noises such as fireworks, thunderstorms, city sounds, and household appliances

    • Polite greetings with a wide variety of people

  • Handling – teaching your puppy to LOVE…

    • Collar grabs

    • Nail trimming

    • Ear handling and cleaning

    • Paw handling/wiping

    • Brushing

    • Tooth/mouth checks

    • Tooth brushing

  • Positive introduction to a head halter or harness to instill good leash manners.

  • Sit for petting (instead of jumping up).

  • Gentle mouths (we will provide appropriate guidance to teach your puppy not to nip or bite in play, as well as redirection to a toy when she is excited).

  • Chew toy training (including introduction to a wide variety of puzzle toys and advice on your puppy’s favorite toys, so that she learns to chew up her toys instead of your shoes).

Daily puppy walks



Loose Leash Walking

Recall Command


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