Planned Breedings

Dates are approximations and are subject to change based on heat cycles

2021 litters

Jax & Rita

  • Pregnancy will be confirmed 05/22/2021

  • If breeding takes, pups will be due around 06/22/2021 and ready to go around 08/17/2021

  • Both parents are excellent retrievers with huge motors in the field and in the water. Jax has a wonderful "off" switch and both have a strong natural point.

  • Expecting blacks & yellows; females 55-65#, males 60-70#

Percy & Beretta

  • Breeding took place 4/18 & 19

  • Pregnancy to be confirmed 5/20 , pups due around 6/19 and ready to go around 08/14/2021

  • Beretta has inherited her mom's (Lila) excellent nose and Percy has a nice strong natural point. Both dogs have a very high retrieve drive, and are two of the most compliant dogs in the program

  • Expecting blacks & yellows; females 45-55#, males 50-65#

Dexter* & Lila

  • Lila is due to be in heat in June

  • This is a repeat breeding - pups from prior breeding are currently working as services dogs, Covid-19 detection dogs, and hunting companions.

  • Expecting blacks & yellows; females 45-55#, males 50-60#

  • *the sire to this litter may change to Percy depending on hunt test schedules & traveling. If Percy is used, colors anticipated are black, yellow and chocolate.*