Duckwing IPL Lila

Call Name: Lila

Date of Birth: March 4th, 2016

AKC #: SR94479905

AKC DNA Profile#: V949843

Color: Black (EeBb)

Weight: 44 lbs

Health Clearances

  • PennHip: 80th percentile; DI Left 0.46 / DI Right 0.56

  • EIC (Exercise Induce Collapse): Clear

  • PRA/PRCD (Progressive Retinal Atrophy/ Progressive Rod/Cone Degeneration): Clear 

  • CNM (Centronuclear myopathy): Clear

  • DM (Degenerative Myelopathy): Clear

  • PKD-LAB (Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency): Clear

  • Copper Toxicosis (ATP7A, ATP7B): Carrier

  • Hereditary Nasal Parakeratosis: Clear

Lila is an incredibly sweet girl that passes her delightful demeanor on to her puppies. She's incredibly trainable, eager to please, and loves to retrieve! 


Lila descends from some of the best British Labrador bloodlines in the world. Her sire, FTCH Georgias Holystone Hope (call name Harris), is one of the best titled imported Labs currently residing in the USA. He won the 2014 Irish International Field Trial Championship. Lila inherited his excellent marking skills, perseverance in the field, and a strong nose. 

**A note about Lila's pedigree- I've struggled to get an official copy of a multigenerational pedigree from the AKC due to Lila's sire being an Irish import. I've attached a copy of a litter certificate from one of her litters in order to show at least two generations back. This will be updated as soon as I can get an actual copy from the AKC.**


Lila at 8 weeks old

IMG_6837 2.jpg

FTCH Georgia's Holystone Hope (Harris)

Lila's Sire

Harris, an amazing import, is currently owned by Tim Galezzi, owner of Iowa Pointing Labs. 

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